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Francis & Company handcrafts premium quality copper lanterns, copper finials/spires, Copper gutters, drains, copper hoods and copper caps. All of our products are fabricated by our skilled craftsman to our excellent level of quality. We use heavy gauge copper, creating each piece using various metal-smiting techniques including metal spinning for seamless strength and beauty. Copper exterior features such as lanterns and finials, also known as spires, add character and elegance to your home’s exterior. We will also work with you in creating custom items including copper finials, drain reducers, roof caps, and more.

Why Copper?

Copper provides strength, stability, corrosion resistance and high thermal and electrical conductivity, which lend them to a vast assortment of applications. From electrical equipment to mold inserts to an array of industrial products, as well as aesthetically-pleasing ornamental and decorative uses. Whatever your need or purpose maybe, we use only the finest grade materials.

Copper Services

Copper services we provide are awnings, canopies, bay window roofs, chimney caps, cupolas domes, gazebos, turrets, finials, spires, garden accessories, gas lanterns, gutter, louvers, range hoods, weathervanes, and much more.

Product Applications Include:

Single Family Residences
Multiunit Dwellings
Government Buildings
Educational Buildings
Light Commercial
Agricultural and Horse Barns
Commercial Office Buildings

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